Stan Mishler, NW Regional SOZO Director with Bethel Church, Redding & New Horizons SOZO Director


Stan serves as the NW Regional Director of Bethel Church, SOZO Ministry, of Redding CA. Working with church leaders in Washington, Idaho and Oregon, helping them to establish a SOZO ministry in their respective congregations. Stan also gives leadership to the New Horizons SOZO Ministry Team.

Stan Mishler was appointed by Bethel SOZO founder, Teresa Leibscher, to serve as the NW Regional Director for Bethel SOZO to oversee the development of the SOZO ministries throughout the states of Oregon and Washington.

Bethel SOZO leaders, Teresa and Dawna, have requested any church/ministry that desires to teach and train people in the SOZO ministry need to be certified by Stan Mishler - giving Bethel leaders some assurance that there is consistency throughout the region among those using the SOZO model of ministry.

Stan has served in pastoral ministry for over 50 years, and has been involved in inner healing and deliverance ministry for over 35 years. He has ministered to over 1,000 people in personal SOZO sessions in the last several years, including many pastors and leaders of Christian ministries. 

Danette Gingerich, SOZO Coordinator

Danette serves as the SOZO Coordinator, scheduling all SOZO appointments, working with Stan Mishler (SOZO Director) and the SOZO Team to make sure the ministry operates smoothly. 


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