Every follower of Jesus is privileged and called to partner with our Lord in releasing the power of His Kingdom on earth into people and circumstances of life. The two prayer teams described below are distinctly different in their mission and level of experience needed to participate. To participate in either team, membership of New Horizons Church is required. Those who serve on the Prayer Intercession Team may not be prepared to fulfill the responsibilities of serving with the Prayer Ministry Team. The guidelines found in the application will help to clarify the differences which is important to consider before completing the Prayer Intercession Team & Prayer Ministry Team application. 

Prayer Intercession Team 

The Prayer Intercession Team exists to facilitate the ministry of the Holy Spirit at work in people’s lives and the fulfillment of prophetic promises given to individuals, families, cities, nations and New Horizons Church. Some people feel called to give specific attention to agree with Father God and His promises on behalf of many people and New Horizons Church. Team members are given prayer requests for which to intercede, individually, and asked to gather weekly as a group to hear from Heaven and pray in agreement with Father’s heart and will.


The Prayer Intercession Team meets weekly on Monday at 6:30 PM at New Horizons Church.

Prayer Ministry Team

At New Horizons we believe that prayer is the highest calling for all citizens of the Kingdom of God. The purpose of the Prayer Ministry Team is to facilitate the release of the Holy Spirit in personal interactions at corporate gatherings, in homes, businesses, and outreach opportunities, whenever an individual or group has requested prayer for any need (i.e. salvation, encouragement, comfort, relational and physical healing, spiritual warfare, cleansing and blessing homes). 


The Prayer Ministry Team serves weekly at Sunday services, other corporate gatherings and places as requested by the Prayer Team Director.


Prayer TEAM Coordinator


Prayer has been a priority of Dixie’s life and she is passionate about demonstrating God’s love and power through various forms of prayer. Dixie and her husband, Ralph, have been members of New Horizons for several years and have two married daughters and two grandchildren.


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