Oct. 9th - Dec. 10th, 2017

Facilitated by Paul and Sue Lavier, LAM Ambassadors


The LAM DVD II workshop is for couples who have "graduated" from a LAM I or 3.5 Day Intensive Workshop. We welcome you back! You will have the opportunity during these 10 weeks to go deeper and farther as you continue on this journey of truly being one with each other and with the Spirit of Truth. During the 10 weeks there are several weeks where the majority of the schedule is focused on ministry within the small groups. The ministry relies heavily on interaction with Holy Spirit. The LAM II workshop will consist of an interactive format. There will be opportunities for personal, couple, small group and corporate connections.

We will be strengthening and training you on how to make the tools presented in LAM I a significant part of your spiritual arsenal. Along with a few new surprises and featured guests, we will be introducing some new tools as well. 


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New Horizons Church

2705 NE Destiny Dr.

McMinnville, OR 97128