Paul and Sue Lavier, Certified Workshop Leaders for the LAM I (18 weeks), LAM II (12 weeks), LAM III (small groups for married couples) and 3.5 day intensive workshops.


Pastors Paul and Sue have been married since 1978, have raised three children and have served in numerous ministries over the years. They serve with the Core Leadership Team at New Horizons in McMinnville, Oregon, adding strength and wisdom to the team. With a prophetic word in their hearts about helping to heal marriages, they attended a 5 day Intensive workshop in 2012.  They have since attended more leadership and Spirit Connection training with Lori, and Barry Byrne, founders of Nothing Hidden Ministry and have established the LAM ministry at New Horizons ministering to couples from around the greater Portland area with LAM I and LAM II workshops, LAM III home groups, and ministering to couples through Spirit Connection sessions. They also, as LAM Ambassadors, are invited into hosting churches to bring Love After Marriage in a 3.5 Day Intensive format.

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